I, for one, am happy to be roughly 5 percent of your paid audience.

Thanks for the transparency in posting that, actually. I don't have your numbers, though my subscription numbers and post views have risen steadily - beyond what I would have expected. The real kicker for me was when Substack Notes kicked into gear.

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Jul 13Liked by Bonnie Kristian

I agree with Joel’s first sentiment. I came to your stuff from your faith-oriented stuff...I don’t know when, but what I have enjoyed most the last few years (I mean, I dig both books) is how widely you write...as someone with maybe too many interests, I do appreciate it. And beyond Peter Suderman, it’s fun to hear about the occasional cocktail from another...and I think we chatted about beers once. I look forward to reading your smartphones content. When I was in the middle school classroom, I was torn between the poles of the sneaky distraction that phones often were and the solid advice by some inservice-y/article writing types that posited using devices in the classroom as an (obviously) real-world resource. Glad you’re back, and glad the fam is well!

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