The LMS/Smartphone connection is something I hadn’t considered, but makes a ton of sense. Even if it doesn’t make a dent in AI use or the greater learning infrastructure being mediated by devices, do you still think there’s value with banning smart phones w/r/y social media and other learning distractions? It may not be the magic cure all, but it might still make a worthwhile difference

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Yeah, I hadn't made the connection either until I started those interviews--frankly, as our kids are still preschool-age and younger, I didn't realize how widespread LMS use had become at the sub-college level.

I do still think schools should ban phones (that policy will be a major factor in our own schooling decisions), but my sense from these interviews is that once an LMS is in place, enforcing the phone ban is exhausting and maybe outright counterproductive even for tech-skeptical teachers. It can eat up class time, and if you have a kid in class who has to do something on the LMS you're required to use, and their laptop (whether school-issued or personally owned) isn't charged or is broken or forgotten at home or whatever, you let them use the phone. And at that point ... what can you really do?

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