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I really liked the Christianity Today ("CT") article, "In succor and silence", by Wendy Kiyomi. I loved how it covers the different types of prayer, and I think of Job's friends who keep telling him that he must've done something wrong to anger God, when in fact he didn't. I'd love to read/learn more about suffering from a Christian perspective; I know CT has taken different stabs at it over the years, and I liked Scott Saul's book on it (though I guess it's kind of overshadowed by other stuff...). Suffering seems overlooked in the American-Protestant tradition, whereas it's common throughout the Bible (God promises Abraham/Sarah a child and nothing happens for years; David is anointed by God to be king but spends years running for his life; Elijah's biography....) and in most of the world (good luck being a Christian in China, India, the Sahel, and the rest of the Muslim world)...

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Thank you! Yeah, I thought her story was really wonderful. I've not read a huge amount on suffering myself -- more theodicy proper than the experience of suffering. One lay-level book I really appreciated was Lord Willing: https://www.amazon.com/Lord-Willing-Wrestling-Childs-Death/dp/1513800191

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